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i-Property Expo, Singapore

I attended the I-Property Expo last weekend which was held in the fabulous Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore, it’s a pleasant and short 1.5 hour flight to Singapore from Phuket so it’s no wonder the Singaporeans were out in mass to find out more about Phuket Property.
The show attracted developers from all over the world including Brazil, Asian countries and a high turn out from Australia. When walking around seeing what’s on offer around the globe it really made me appreciate the property in Phuket and how it positively compares to other world destinations.

First of all I think Phuket wins on location and when you compare the prices with Melbourne where a small 40sq.m meter apartment would cost around 500,000 AUD, whereas the same budget in Phuket could buy you a great private pool villa or a large sea view condo.

The most important thing when investing anywhere is the need for good transport links, again Phuket with its growing importance as an air hub combined with the growing low cost airline is all in Phukets favour.

With the airport expansion and the every increasing tourism numbers of which a growing number are return visitors which will in time turn to investors in Phuket property.

Quality of product, in Phuket building designs and build quality are forever improving.

Strong Civil Protection consumer rights compared to other nearby countries

Stable and strong economy compared to Vietnam for example.

Competitive prises and maturing re-sale market.

The future looks bright as the law is expected to increase the Foreign Condominium ownership quota from 49% to 70% and in some special areas 100%

All of the above is very good news, and if you would like to know more about the investment opportunities in Phuket I would be happy to help. I will also be attending the Smart Expo at the Suntec centre in Singapore on the 25th-27th March 2011 if any body would like to meet up.

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