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ITB Berlin Travel Show

The ITB Berlin travel fair with an expected one million visitors is taking place this weekend in Germany and so far the response for Phuket has been upbeat and far better than expected .

Phuket’s Governor Wichai Praisa-ngob and the Chief Exectutive of the Phuket Administrative Organisatation , Paoboon Upatising  along with over 45 resorts in Phuket  sent their representatives to fly the Phuket flag. With such a strong turn out and support for the event it was clear to see why the Phuket stand doubled in size this year.

Bhuritt Maswonngssa, Vice President of the Phuket Tourist Association, was reported to say that that the show had been a boon for Phuket.

”We’ve had lots of bookings,” he said. ”Phuket remains a popular destination for Europeans especially. People are mostly able to realise that Phuket and Bangkok are a long way from each other, and that Phuket does not have the same kind of political turmoil.”

He said Phuket, with its international airport and direct charter flights, continued to be a  popular place among agents and customers of all kinds.

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