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Make a Splash over Songkran with The Pavilions’ 360° Bar & Grill

As we mentioned a couple of days ago, we are now in the throbbing heart of the build up to the Songkran Water Festival 2014 in Phuket. If trawling the island’s streets amidst the hullabaloo of Songkran seems too much for you to handle, there are other alternatives.

The 360 Bar & Grill at The Pavilions Resort at Chergtalay will be your haven of peace during the festivities. Take in the Thai New Year in style with the beautiful sea-views of the 360 Bar to make this a day and night to remember.

The bar’s New Year celebrations are called ‘Songkran Splash’ that comes with refreshing watermelon drinks and a trio of Phuket tapas dishes that include Bua Thod, shrimp and turmeric fritters with betel leaves, Hor Mok, a fragrant seafood mousse cooked in banana leaf and Gai Yang, delicious Thai BBQ chicken.

Songkran Splash is exclusively at 360 Bar & Grill from the 11th to the 20th April, with a great value for money price of 400 THB per person. Enjoy Songkran in style at The Pavilions Resort at Cherngtalay.

For more details, you can contact Simona on: 0812700017

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