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New Monorail Project to Change Phuket’s Transport woes

Let’s face it, we love nearly everything about, it’s why we live here or take holidays on this paradise island in frequent numbers. The only thing that Phuket misses is a sold transportation system, which can be admittedly the island’s proverbial Achilles heel! Not mentioning any names or the color ‘red’, how nice would it be to have a no hassle public transport system we could be proud of, one that makes the tourism world stand up and take notice.

There might be a ray of sunlight though the dark clouds as this week a Hong Kong investment company showed interest in the ‘Light Rail Project’, which is in essence a monorail system around the island.

Meeting with Phuket Governor, Tri Augkaradacha, the group showed great interest in investing in the project. Charles JS Wang, of Hong Kong-based investment group, JS Rock Capital Ltd, said he could see massive potential in the project stating, “Phuket has good potential as it is a major tourist area, it’s an opportunity for our group.”

Mr. Wang also showed interest in the infamous Patong Tunnel, also stating it had “high potential”.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope we can take the island up a notch with a top quality public transport system that not only benefits holidaymakers and locals alike, but also alleviates the stress of more cars on the roads.

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