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New TAC Office Opens Near Phuket Town

We always welcome anything that helps tourism in Phuket because it benefits everyone involved from the tourists and expats to the business owners that rely on tourism to pay their staff and feed their kids. It’s all intrinsically linked together. If Phuket tourism benefits, we do as well. The Tourist Assistance Centre (TAC) has just opened a second office, albeit temporary, on the edges of Phuket Town at the Surakul Stadium.

Phuket International Airport is already home to one office, and there are 10 more offices in other none-Phuket provinces.

Talking to Phuket News, the Director of the Phuket Office of Tourism and Sport, Santi Pawai said, “I believe more TACs will be established in other provinces to provide help for tourists. Currently we have only 10 staff in Phuket [covering both offices]. I want to get more in preparation for the Asean Economic Community [in December 2015] and because the numbers of tourists are continually increasing. I think the TAC is an advantage for Phuket tourism because we can help tourists to understand things and give them correct information.”

Khun Santi also said that the new office is just temporary as they are still searching for a location for a new building to host the offices.

TAC cooperates with the police, and the tourist police, the Tourism Association of Thailand (TAT) and the Marine Department to solve problems that visitors to the island might have.

If you need to contact the office for any reason, their phone number is: 076 327 100.

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