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New Underpass to be Built Near Phuket International Airport

We seem to be an island of underpasses at the moment, which is not such a bad thing considering that maintaining and constructing solid infrastructure on Phuket is always a good thing. A new underpass will be constructed at the airport turnoff on Thepkrasattri Road, which is slated to begin at the start of July.

The new underpass will cost around the 500 million THB mark and will include tunnels, drains, traffic lights and footpaths. The idea for the underpass came about because locals voted against having 2 flyovers to ease congestion on the same road.

Samak Luedwonghad, Phuket Highways Office Director, told The Phuket News that “The Bureau of Bridges Construction Department of Rural Roads in Bangkok will decide who will build the underpass. The project will cost about B500 million.”

The project has already been approved by public hearings and now the budget has been set. The contract states that the project must start construction in July 2016 and should not take more than 720 days to complete.

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