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New Wuhan-Phuket Route for AirAsia

With Chinese New Year not too far away and Chinese tourists currently topping the polls for the most visitors to Thailand, AirAsia have just launched a brand new route between Phuket and Wuhan, just in time for all those revelers from China.

The route will take advantage of Phuket being one of the most popular places that the Chinese like to visit on their holidays. The route also allows Phuket residents to sample a slice of China by visiting Wutan, which is the land of the three kingdoms and the Tiger Spirit Shrine.

The Director of Commercial for Thai AirAsia, Mr Santisuk Klongchaiya, recently said that Phuket and China area joined at the hip, sharing many beliefs and traditions and also history. He also went on to add that Phuket offers so many natural attractions and unique nightlife that makes the island popular with Chinese tourists.

It’s great news that we are welcoming more Chinese tourists to our island, and although they might not spend as much money as Europeans and Westerners, the more the better for the island’s tourism industry.

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