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Perfect Time for Rental Returns

Now is the perfect time to purchase a Phuket villa or condominium as an investment to reap back rental returns over the high-season months of December to April. Did you know that over the past two years, hotel occupancy rates have been down but the amount of visitors to Thailand has increased? Are they holidaying on the beach in a tent, I hear you say? No, I don’t think so! Phukeu holidaymakers are now opting to rent a luxurious villa instead of an hotel.

It makes complete sense for holidaymakers to rent a villa because they get more luxury, more privacy, and they decide who they holiday with. This is why you should be thinking of investing in the Phuket real estate market if you are seeking out a sound investment.

We have a vast selection of villas and condominiums on our website that would be an ideal investment for those seeking out making the most from their money. For a list of Phuket villas and condominiums, please click here to start making some hard cash!

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