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Peter Singapore/Switzerland

When I started to look for a possible “Winter-Home” in Asia, I came across the internet site of Prime Real Estate Phuket. After contacting Barry with my initial ideas, he swiftly came back with a handful of proposals at different locations. As a consequence I shortlisted about a few housing possibilities fulfilling my wishes most. When I visited Phuket to narrow down the opportunities, Barry picked me up from the airport and showed me around the Island for two and a half days, giving his very professional inputs and highlighting the pro’s and con’s for each location. Barry proved to be very knowledgeable, very well connected and seemed to have all the time to bring me there, where I wanted to be. No surprise that Barry just recently won another two awards, one of them this time “Best Property Agent in Thailand” – Congratulations.

Once I decided what to buy, Barry introduced me to an independent Lawyer and made sure to keep me in the loop what’s going on and made me feel comfortable. A big THANK YOU to Barry and his team for making a dream to become reality. Barry was always reachable and helped with many things not directly related to the property deal, he seemed to go comfortable the extra mile to make me feel good. Let me wish Barry and Prime Real Estate Phuket wish a continuous success and that his business will prosper also in the years to come.
For whoever wants to buy or sell property in Phuket, I highly recommend Barry and his Prime Real Estate Phuket.

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