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Phuket arrivals since 2009 have sky-rocketed

Although some people only focus on doom and gloom when it comes to Phuket, facts and figures are always the best way to gauge success or failure instead of negative personal opinions. Since 2009, arrivals through Phuket airport have sky-rocketed from 5,779,918 to 8,467,995 in 2011.

This is massive when you realize the rise totals over 20%, which is amazing when considering the economic woes of the world and nationwide problems such as the Bangkok floods and political unrest have affected the country and have been plastered over the mainstream media over the past couple of years.

It seems that you just can’t keep people away from Phuket, they love it… and rightly so!

One thing it does mean is that Phuket International Airport needs to extend, as planned, so as to accommodate the above average rises year up on year. During 2010, Phuket also saw a rise around the 20% figure, which shows great consistency and growth.

Phuket is the place to visit, not just for international tourists but also Thais from across the country that are arriving to Phuket in increasing numbers for short stay holidays. Let’s hope we see more of the same during 2012!

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