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Phuket Conference and Exhibition Center Given the All-Clear!

More good news for Phuket tourism as the environmental objections for Phuket’s conference and exhibition center have now been overcome, said Phuket Governor Tri Augkaradacha. The 2.6 billion baht center is now set for go ahead after concerns involving department officials carrying out procedures without consulting Phuket residents or local officials.

”The new environmental impact assessment have been done and accepted by the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources,” said the Governor.

This is exceptional news for Phuket tourism and pitches the island as a major powerhouse, with the news being enthusiastically welcomed by everyone on Phuket Island. It is forward moves such as this that cements Phuket as an important component of the ever-growing business culture in South-East-Asia.

Now the budget and the design have finally been confirmed, construction of the conference and exhibition center is set to begin early in the New Year and will attract exposure and more tourists to the island in the future.

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