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Phuket Has Never Been So Busy

I know we have been talking about how busy Phuket will be over Songkran, and now it’s official – Phuket has never been so busy at this time of the year. With Phuket International Airport dealing with a total of over 1 million passengers in March, which makes that the third straight month in a row, the island is currently throbbing with holidaymakers for Songkran.

International arrivals and departures at the airport rose just over 31% year on year totaling 588, 653 during last month. Put this together with a rise of 11.5% from domestic passengers, and in the month of March, the total reached 1,034,889. January and February also hit 1 million arrivals and departures, and the only other time this happened was in January 2012.

The figures of the past three months from Phuket International Airport have been pretty astounding, proving that we need to expand the airport as soon as possible because higher tourist numbers are evidently possible over the next year, especially considering the recent trends and projections.

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