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Phuket International Airport expansion set for 2015

On this blog, we always talk about how Phuket successfully keeps its infrastructure in line with the commercial growth on the island, unlike some other destinations such as Koh Samui. With this in mind, the latest news is that Phuket International Airport’s expansion is now truly in the works. Coasting around the 5.7 billion THB mark, the airport is expected to be able to deal with 12.5 million passengers a year when it becomes operational in June 2015.

Reported in a previous article on this blog, Phuket’s passenger traffic has risen over 20% in 2011 and 2010, which if remains consistent through the year, the figures would rise to nearly 10 million in 2012 and to a further 17.2 million by 2015, which means it could be essential for the airport expansion to be completed on time for 2015.

Bearing in mind that Phuket tourism is the jewel in the crown for South-East-Asian tourism, we need to keep up with the rise in arrival figures over the next few years. News like this is always positive for the Phuket real estate market and anyone who has a business that depends on holidaymakers for is survival.

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