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Phuket International Airport Pier Project Approved

Some of you may or may not already know, but there has been a plan in the works to construct a pier at Phuket International Airport which will allow tourists to take a ferry down the west coast to Patong. The 25-million THB budget for the project was originally proposed in 2013 (with a much higher budget), but a couple of days ago was finally approved by Chief Phuripat Theerakulpisut of the Phuket Marine Office.

“We want to help alleviate the traffic problem and offer tourists a better way of travelling by opening up a boat route,” said Mr Phuripat. “The problem is that the chosen area belongs to the Phuket branch of the national air traffic control authority ‘Aerothai’ [Aeronautical Radio of Thailand]. We are in the process of requesting four rai of land in order to build the pier.”

The designs are currently being created, while they are waiting for EIA approval. The construction is expected to start some time in 2018, so it will be a while yet before we see any movements, but in theory, it’s an interesting concept.

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