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Phuket lifestyle +health and happiness.

Phuket’s lifestyle appeals to many especially after a good holiday and you leave with plans of purchasing your own Phuket property either sea view villa or a Phuket apartment.

Many move to Phuket and reinvent themselves taking up a lifestyle, which they have promised themselves for a long time, it could be learning to sail or play around on one of Phuket’s stunning golf courses.

However what about other benefits of living in Phuket?

Well many visit Phuket for medical holidays, dental, cosmetic and surgical procedures due to the outstanding World class medical facilities available. Another less know services available, are wellness/ detox centres such as the Atsumi Centre, based in the south of Phuket. The centre helps clients purge themselves of the many chemicals and ingredients found in food now days, that our body cannot process, so they stay in your body causing all sorts of illness minor to serious. I have had some friends go through the treatment and with jaw dropping effects so it was only a matter of time before I found myself far to curious about the whole process and booked in for 10 days.

My first surprise was how many Phuket ex pat residents were taking the class some staying and some day visitors. The choice of length of treatment is you to you but there is an excellent team here at Atsumi that will advice you through out the whole process. To be honest I actually was going to stay at Phuket’s other Wellness/ Detox centre Atmanji that is on the beach. However due to staff contently asking for my credit card even before they had explained the courses on offer made the initial visit like visiting a Patong Tailor, very heavy handed. Another feature that made me decide on Atsumi rather than Atmanji is the fact Atsumi is a dedicated wellness centre whereas Atmanji is still a holiday resort. After all you do not want to be fasting or on a Raw food diet and sitting next to a family drinking beer and eating a cheeseburger.

So I made my choice and went to book in to Atsumi for a 10 day Full fast program, as I write this I am on day 5 of 10 and feel 10 years younger, the whole process has been fantastic mind and body have been cleansed and my energy level are at an all time high. I still have another 5 days to go but so far it is definitely one of the better things I have ever done.

However I shall confirm in another 5 days:)

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