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Phuket property

Phuket property and how to buy property in Phuket.With the fantastic choice of Phuket property on offer it can be difficult to decide on the best value, you could be after a Phuket condo or a Phuket luxury home for sale in this paradise island. The search usually starts with Sea View property on the top of the list. However once you arrive in Phuket and start looking at your new home in Phuket it is only then you can see the true value living away from the beach.
Give yourself a 5-10 minute drive to the beach and you can double the size of your condo / villa or half your budget, so is it worth the forgoing the sea view in favor of space and money?

Well given the recent fast sales of Phuket Villa developments like the Wings just inland from Laguna and the inland Phuket Condo The Green is seems that gaining space or reducing the budget to get more away from the beaches makes sense and proving more popular. So what out for more valued developments taking place not on the beach but conveniently close such as Sawan Pool Villas.

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