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Phuket: Record Breaking Numbers again in February

January was a record breaking month for arrivals through Phuket International airport, and here we were wondering when it would be surpassed. Well, we didn’t have to wait long until it did. News is just in that the arrivals through Phuket Airport in February have leapfrogged January!

The year on year leap in departures and arrivals has been around the 35% mark, and this February saw arrival figures jump to 1,062,527 for the month, which makes it the most popular month Phuket has ever had in passenger terms! The most amazing thing about the figure is that February only has 28 days!

It is a well known fact that passenger figures usually drop immediately after Christmas and January, but this year they have gone the opposite way which is a nice surprise for everyone.

It just shows that you can’t take people’s negative words about the high seasons as a fact because the statistics prove otherwise. It’s all boding well for another year of growth for Phuket’s tourism sector, which is news we all like!

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