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Phuket Resort Occupancy Rates a Good Sign for the Island

With high season on the way, there are always a few indications whether it’s going to be a good one or not. Obviously, the success of the island’s businesses usually hinges on this time of the year. The latest statistics from the southern chapter of the Thai Hotels Association are extremely positive and bode well for the upcoming high season months in Phuket.

The average occupancy levels across September were just over 74% across all categories. Three-star and Four-Star hotels have been buzzing over September with 82% and 80% respectively, which is quite a boost for the island. Although Five-Star hotels didn’t hit the same heights at nearly 60% occupancy, you can bet that over Christmas and New Year it will be difficult to get a room in such an establishment.

If this current trend carries on over the next few months, we could be in for one of the best high seasons in Phuket over the past few years, which will be a welcome relief to Phuket business owners and also those expatriates that work on the island.

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