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Phuket’s changing tourist demographics

As the tourism demographics change across Thailand, and Phuket especially, from European, American and Australians to more of an Asian base, we need to be prepared to change our thinking a little to accommodate the changes, which will benefit all business owners across the island.

In September alone, the amount of Korean tourists that visited Phuket totaled 15,849, the third largest behind China and the Australians respectively. Seeing as so many Koreans and Chinese are now visiting Phuket, warning words from the Korean honorary consul, Tossaporn Thepabutr, hold much weight.

“More Korean company owners are looking at moving their operations to Phuket because of the floods in Bangkok. Phuket is considered much safer,” said Mr Thepabutr.

“Many Korean businesses will join Thai operators to form partnerships,” he added.

Mr Tossaporn also noted that many Korean families are also making Phuket their home and we have to bear them in mind.

“They have to find schools for their children, among other things. So I would like government officers to work with private organizations to help make Phuket more convenient and safer for these new arrivals.”

He finished off by noting that Thai Airways operates direct flights from South Korea to Phuket, and Bangkok Airways also have plans in the works to launch flights from Korea to Phuket next year.

“And other three Korean airlines will also launch direct flights from Korea [to Phuket] at about the beginning of next year,” he said.

Globally times are changing and it is important that we change and adapt to the marketplace or get left out in the cold.

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