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Phuket’s Top 2 International Hospitals

Phukets biggest attraction is the lifestyle on offer  and its perfect climate all year round. Phuket has a truly Thai feel yet enjoys international standards, world class golf courses, marinas, schools and to complement all this on offer the Health care rivals and in my opinion surpasses the health care on offer in Europe and elsewhere around the globe. Yes, you have to pay for this service but it’s far cheaper than Europe, America and Australia, and Phuket has seen a growing number of medical tourists year on year.  People wanting a new hip without waiting in queues or even a face lift, have the confidence in the Internationally acclaimed  hospitals Phuket has to offer , especially the 2 hospitals that reach International Standards such as Phuket International Hospital and Bangkok Phuket Hospital which has been described on numerous occassions as a “Hospitel” as it has the feel and ambience of a 5 star hotel.

Amongst the many nationalities benefiting from Phuket’s high health care standard, Australian tourists seem to find it better to seek certain mediacl and dental treatments in Phuket and here are the top 6 treatments over the last 12 months for them;

These two Hospitals offer a fantastic service if you  do have an ailment, but also recommend and concentrate on preventive medicine. You can take a few hours and receive a full body health check up starting from as little as 5,000 baht (100 euros). This will ensure that you get to enjoy a fit life that little bit longer, plus if you do need any treatment where better than having a sunny climate and sitting on a beach to recover.

For more information on the services on offer at the International Hospital or the  Bangkok Phuket hospital  please visit the sites below.

JCI (Joint Commission International Accreditation), USA

Bangkok Hospital Phuket has been accredited as the quality hospital with the international standards by JCI.

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