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Record Breaking Arrival Totals Expected for this Year

It seems that even despite the strong Thai baht and the economic turmoil that blights the western world, Thailand arrival figures are expected to reach record breaking heights for 2013, said Kasikorn Research Center (KResearch). The projected international tourist arrival figures for 2013 are expected to reach 25.4 million.

KResearch explained how Thailand is still a very desirable place to visit, seen by tourists has a great value for money option, and with the expansion of airline routes that give holidaymakers even more options, it’s all great news. They also noted that 9 million people visited the country during the first 4 months of 2013, which is a sharp 19% rise on this time last year.

Another pivotal issue for the success is the increase in Chinese tourists which has almost doubled from the same time last year to 1.52 million. KResearch are predicting that 3.8 to 4 million Chinese will visit Thailand in 2013, alongside increased numbers from South Korea and Japan.

At Prime Real Estate, we are all for the rapid increase in tourist arrivals, especially when it reaches record breaking heights, so here’s looking forward to a busy and prosperous 2013! Long may it continue!

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