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Songkran Festival 2014 is on its way

It’s that time of year again folks when it becomes perfectly acceptable for a grown-up to run around like a 12 year old kid, water pistol in hand spraying everyone in sight playing out the lost days of our childhoods. That’s right guys, the Songkran Thai New Year water festival is right around the corner and it’s a case of join in on the fun or stay at your home or hotel for 24 hours.

Known as the biggest water fight party in the world, Songkran has been featured in numerous magazines across the world such as FHM and Maxim. Thai New Year’s Eve is on the 12th April, but in many parts of Thailand, such as in Chiang Mai and Pattaya, the water festival can last a week or more, which is a little bit much to be honest.

I believe that Songkran in Phuket lasts the perfect duration, just 24 hours from Midday on the 12th. This means you can enjoy the fun but don’t have to endure getting wet for the next week or so, which can be a real drag. If this is your first Songkran, please take it all in good humor, because you will get wet.

Make sure you leave you most important belongings such as mobile phones and passports in your hotel or home. Have a great Songkran Festival 2014.

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