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Support Phuket Golf in the World Golf Awards 2015

The golf holiday industry over the past few years has really taken off. Since the dawning age of the internet, golfers have had a vast plethora of choices at their fingertips, allowing them more control over their golf holidays than ever before. Amidst a fast-growing industry, the Asian market is the region with the most rapid growth. Thailand has become the ultimate golf holiday location, due to its all year round temperate climate, a fantastic array of golf courses, and some of the best holiday beachside regions in the world, with Phuket leading the way.

If you live or holiday in Phuket, you already know what a fantastic holiday destination it really is. Add a fantastic choice of golf courses into the mix and you have arguably the best place for a golf holiday in Thailand.

The World Golf Awards is in its 2nd year of rewarding the best golf companies in the world for their excellence. This year one of our own golf holiday agents,, has been nominated for the ‘Thailand’s Best Inbound Golf Tour Operator’ award, and although there is some stiff competition, is one of the most reputable and trusted golf tour agents not only in Phuket, but also in Thailand, so they will be up in the running for the award.

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