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The future is Phuket!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the launch of a new website,, which is geared towards luxury property in Phuket. As part of the launch, we were showcased a 13-minute movie detailing Phuket’s rise from a backpacker’s haven to a world-leading luxury holiday and residential destination. Some well-known faces from the Phuket property scene were interviewed in the short film such as Bill Barnett from the Phuket, Richard Pope from Kata Rocks and the developer of Royal Phuket Marina, Gulu Lalvani.

The movie was very positive and pointed out why Phuket has become so successful in enticing not just millionaires to the island, but also billionaires. The video talked about how Phuket has a little bit of everything from great infrastructure and fine dining restaurants, to championship style golf courses and marinas while still retaining much of its natural flair and abundance.

One thing I really liked about the film was how other destinations across Asia such as Sri Lanka and Vietnam look towards Phuket as some kind of shining beacon and inspiration on how to construct luxury villas and condos while still keeping the island accessible to all.

The movie also focused on what a great place Phuket is to invest, and how owners of high-end properties can make massive returns on their investment in the rental market – all of which is very true. I recommend this video to anyone who knows and lives in Phuket, and also essential viewing for those deciding about making their first-time plunge into the Phuket property market.

To see this well produced and informative short film, please click here.

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