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The Light Tram System for Phuket coming to fruition?

There has been plans in the works for some time for a light rail tram system to be introduced to Phuket, but the news of the project had become rather quiet in recent times. However, it seems there is some meaningful movement in the long-awaited project, with work expected to start in the next three years, officially stated on June 3 in a public hearing.


The project is expected to cost approximately 30 Billion THB and the route will start at Tha Noon, which is on the southern end of Phang Nga Province, running all the way across Sarasin Bridge down to Chalong Circle, taking in Phuket International Airport along the way. The total length of the route is expected to exceed 60km, stopping at 20 stations along its path.


Officials at the public hearing said that the trams will be 30 meters long and will be able to hold 400 passengers at full capacity, powered by electric through overhead cables and from batteries that are onboard. The speed of the trams is from 20 to 40kmh, although they are capable of going almost 100kmh.


With what has been happening with the illegal taxi drivers in Phuket over the past couple of days, it seems that times are bright indeed for the transportation aspect of Phuket life, which is what we have been needing for a long time.

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