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The Phuket News hands out 400 motorbike helmets

If you live here on the island, you already know how many people drive their motorbikes without helmets, and although more people have been wearing them over the past couple of years than ever before, the problem is still there for all to see. That’s why it’s great news that The Phuket News have run a joint campaign with the police to giveaway helmets for free.

Earlier this week, more than 400 helmets were handed out at the Billion Plaza in Kathu. It is obviously a nice gesture from the newspaper, who over the past year have given the Phuket Gazette a real run for their money.

Maybe other businesses on the island that make big profits from the tourism industry might also begin to ‘give something back’ to benefit the island in such a positive way.

We always like to end the week with a positive story, and nothing is more positive than trying to make Phuket roads a safer place for locals and tourists alike. I really can’t see any downside to such thinking! Have a great weekend!

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