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Wagyu Tomahawk Steak at La Gritta

The Holy Grail from meat-lovers is a tasty beef steak, but it has to be quality of course! If you are in Phuket and are looking for the ultimate steak experience, why not try the ‘Australian Darling Downs Wagyu Tomahawk Steak Promotion’ at La Gritta Restaurant located in the Amari Resort Phuket at Patong Beach.


Wagyu beef is known across the world for its rich flavors and tenderness, known as one of the best steaks money can buy. The Wagyu beef cows are grain-fed with a marble source of 4-5. The Wagyu beef steak at La Gritta is also served with Madeira or peppercorn sauce and 2 side dishes. At 2,990 THB for a Wagyu beef steak that weighs 1.2kg, you will be fully fed at La Gritta.


If you have the Amari Resident Privilege Card, you can enjoy 20% discount on the food and drink at the restaurant.


For more information regarding La Gritta Restaurant in general or to find out more about the steak promotion, you can call: 076 292 697.

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