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What makes Phuket such a great place to live?

The Phuket property market has been very busy since the start of 2012, indicating that more people than ever before are making the big plunge by deciding to settle in Phuket. Why is Phuket a better location to live, than say, Bangkok or Koh Samui?

The great thing about living in Phuket is that you have everything you could possibly want on the island such as international schools, an international airport, some of the best beaches in the world and a laidback atmosphere that is the epitome of relaxation. Although Bangkok is a very convenient place to live, you have to share the city with 20 million other people, which is at best a nightmare to traverse any time of the day or night.

Samui has everything that Phuket’s got, I hear you cry! Not exactly true! Koh Samui is famous for its lack of infrastructure, and anyone who has, or does, live there will tell you that the moment it starts to rain, the streets are like the Mekong River. Samui is a nice place but it can’t live with Phuket in an infrastructure battle.

Phuket has the widest selection of real estate one could imagine and it’s a very easy place to network and make friends quickly. When it comes to living in Thailand for expatriates, Phuket is number one, bar none!

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