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Youth Talent Contest 2015 at Royal Phuket Marina (RPM)

Our kids are the future of this world! Scary thought I know, but something we all have to get used to in the big scheme of things. Discipline and encouragement are the cornerstones of good parenting, apparently! If you have kids who show unique talents, why not take them along to enter into the You Talent Contest 2015 at the Royal Phuket Marina on the 6th February.

Starting at 6pm on the 6ht, this year’s Your Talent Contest will be split into two categories: Instrumental Performance and Vocal Performance. It’s a great opportunity for kids who can sing or have other talents to get up on stage and wow the crowd. It could be the first step on the route to success.

The price is 500 THB to enter and is available to kids from 8 to 18 years old, with the 1st place prize at 5,000 THB. The event and prize sponsors are the Phuket International Academy. Other sponsors of the event include Hard Rock Café Phuket, Legend Music and Siobhan’s Music School in conjunction with Rock School.

For more details or to enter the contest, you can call 084 304 2587 or email

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